2021 McLaren 750LT

McLaren has a fairly short, but solid, performance history of not resting on its laurels. While other supercar makers are content to produce the same standard vehicle for a decade or longer, McLaren is always coming out with new models. And thanks to that rapid vehicle cadence, we’ll quickly see a Longtail (LT) version of the McLaren 720S.

2021 McLaren 750LT  Rear HD Images

Early testers for what’s likely to be the LT version of the McLaren 720S has been spotted testing hard at the Nürburgring. The testers might look like the standard 720S. However, if you look closer, you’ll discover the additional spoilers at the front of the car and the makeshift wickerbill spoiler connected to the rear wing. The latter is most likely to imitate additional downforce to be created by a customized tail predestined for the production model.

2021 McLaren 750LT Debut

The car is anticipated to debut in 2020 as a 2021 model. It will be the 3rd contemporary McLaren to get the Longtail treatment (it originally appeared on a racing version of the McLaren F1).

Similar to the 600LT and 675LT that came before it, the LT variation of the 720S will likely get more power, and for that reason, a different name. The 600LT started as the 570S, and the 675LT was a 650S in a previous life.

2021 McLaren 750LT Engine

The new LT will likely use a higher tune of the 720S’s 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. Precise output for the LT remains unknown, but we can at least make an informed guess. McLaren uses a vehicle’s metric horsepower ranking as the basis of its nameplate (the 720S has 720 PS or 710 hp), and the company likes to make incremental improvements for LT models. It is considered that reality, search for the newest Longtail model to launching as the 750LT with about 740 hp.

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McLaren will likely combine that more-powerful engine with a lighter curb weight, more track-focused suspension, and carbon-ceramic brake rotors. Previous LT models have shed about 220 pounds from their waist, and we anticipate something similar for the 750LT. That must make it possible for the 750LT to eclipse the 720S’s 0-62 mph time of 2.9 seconds and provide quicker lap times.

2021 McLaren 750LT Design

It’s prematurely to tell what McLaren has prepared for the 750LT on the styling front, but the main element will be its prolonged rear tail that will enhance aerodynamics and likewise contribute to much better track efficiency. A Spider variation of the 750LT is a distinct possibility too.

When requested to discuss the possibility of an LT variation of the 720S, McLaren spokesperson Laura Tilley informed Motor Authority, “regrettably we can’t comment on future product.”

2021 McLaren 750LT  Rear High Resolution Pictures

The McLaren 750LT is expected to debut next March at the Geneva International Motor Show; the Spider variation, if authorized for production, will likely trail its coupe counterpart by about a year.

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