2021 Lagonda Sedan

Aston Martin’s effort to penetrate the long-standing Rolls/Bentley duopoly at the leading end of the sedan market. AM will relaunch Lagonda as an electric-only luxury brand aimed at the sort of tech billionaires who are growing tired of ticking every alternative box on a Tesla Model X P100D.

2021 Lagonda Sedan  Look HD Photos

Why It Matters

Lagonda is a big part of Aston’s plans to expand beyond the 7000 or so sales that CEO Andy Palmer views as the natural yearly limit for Aston Martin– badged cars. The Lagonda brand name will use this sedan and a carefully associated SUV. Similarly crucial, it will lead Aston’s electrification efforts, something the company is engineering by itself, separate from the engine deal it has with Mercedes-AMG.

2021 Lagonda Sedan Platform

Both Lagondas will rest on the same Aston-developed platform that’s underneath the upcoming Aston DBX SUV and will be constructed together with it at the company’s new factory in Saint Athan, Wales.

2021 Lagonda Sedan Powertrain

We’ve informed the Lagonda Vision concept that sneak peeks the new sedan utilizes electric motors at each wheel and a battery pack mounted under its flat floor. The SUV must do the same. Palmer has assured that the battery-powered Aston RapidE, which is effectively functioning as the testbed for the new battery-electric architecture, will use performance a minimum of comparable to that of a V-12.

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2021 Lagonda Sedan Competition

Rolls-Royce and Bentley are both working on EV platforms, which likely will get to about the same time. It’s going to get strangely peaceful in private-airport and sex-dungeon parking area.

What Might Go Wrong

Releasing any new brand is a severe business but particularly so on the top end, provided how efficiently Rolls and Bentley have safeguarded their grass. Lagonda has a lot of history of its own– its V-12– equipped Rapide was the most pricey car on display at the 1939 New York auto show, with an engine created by W.O. Bentley– however if the Lagonda name resonates at all, it’ll be due to the angular and trouble-prone Lagonda sedan from the 1970s and ’80s.

2021 Lagonda Sedan  Rear   Wallpapers

2021 Lagonda Sedan Estimated Arrival and Price

The sedan will hit roads in 2021, with rates beginning someplace in the high $200Ks.

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