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2018 Mazda RX-7

Posted at September 12, 2017 10:31 by keyoy in Mazda

After many years of reports, Mazda has actually lastly confirmed that the cherished RX-7 will get a follower by the end of the decade. The verification came at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, where the Japanese brand unveiled the RX-VISION, a front-engined, RWD principle that sports an aggressive analysis of Mazda’s KODO design language. Exactly what’s more, the company also confirmed it will have a new-generation rotary engine under the hood. Mazda didn’t say when the production car will get here in display rooms, but it seems that the next-gen RX-7’s development depends upon how quick the engineers can develop a trustworthy and fuel-efficient Wankel powerplant.

2018 Mazda RX7 Interior Photo

2018 Mazda RX-7 Exterior and Interior

In advance, we expect the 2018 Mazda RX-7 to get a revised grille and bumper and a new pair of headlamps. Listed below, the bumper side intakes are a bit bigger in our making, while the splitter and the center area stayed the same. The headlamps should get the most changes, as the concept’s slim systems are far too unique for a production vehicle. But, although the lower section will probably be based upon Mazda’s current headlamp design, the upper, curved LED strip could find its method on the production car.

2018 Mazda RX7 HD Image

Unlike many principle cars, the RX-VISION received a tidy and easy interior that could enter into production today. Nevertheless, Mazda will most likely change a couple of things here and there, such as the instrument cluster, the door panels, and the center console. The latter is likely to receive the most revisions, as the RX-7 will get a standard center stack with numerous buttons and knobs. An infotainment system and a big screen ought to likewise be included, however it stays to be seen whether the screen will be installed atop the dashboard– like seen in lots of modern-day Mazda vehicles– or integrated into the center stack. Also search for a multi-function wheel and a more comprehensive instrument cluster behind it.

2018 Mazda RX-7 Engine

The drivetrain is the 2018 Mazda RX-7 greatest mystery up until now, as Mazda has absolutely nothing to state about the engine aside from the fact that it will be a Wankel and called the SkyActiv-R. A company representative, however, hinted that it might use turbocharging which the sports car will be aimed at the Porsche Cayman. Given the German coupe comes with a minimum of 275 horse power in base trim, the RX-7, which will be lighter than the Cayman at around 2,700 pounds, would need a minimum of 250 horses to make an effect in this niche. Anticipate a 0-to-60 mph sprint of around 5 seconds and a leading speed of at least 150 mph.

2018 Mazda RX7 Exterior Photo

2018 Mazda RX-7 Release Date and Price

It’s absolutely prematurely to speak about rates, but it’s safe to assume that the 2018 Mazda RX-7 will become Mazda’s most costly item in the present lineup. The final sticker depends upon numerous factors, however the cars will probably cost more than $35,000 in base trim. The much awaited debut is rumored to occur in the 2017.


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