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2018 Lexus GX

Posted at June 19, 2017 13:25 by keyoy in Lexus

The future of 2018 Lexus GX is still unknown. This mid-size high-end SUV is one of the uncommon truck-based high-end models on the market, especially when isn’t about full-size models. It originally can be found in 2002, while the existing, 2nd generation, is in production since 2009. After more than eight years of production, many believe that it has to do with time to see some significant changes. To remind you, this model shares platform with models like 4Runner and Prado. Both of these models came totally upgraded a few years earlier, while this luxury SUV still shares the majority of its characteristics with some earlier versions. So, it won’t be amazed if we see a complete redesign in close future. The 2018 Lexus GX must come early next year.

2018 Lexus GX Side Photos For iPhone

2018 Lexus GX Redesign

As we already discussed, there is a huge chance to see 2018 Lexus GX totally brand-new. Toyota’s luxury brand name might lastly introduce the brand-new variation of this model, which stayed pretty much the same as the 2010 year model. So, what to expect from this redesign? Well, it is for sure that brand-new model will get all these new design services that we saw at brand-new 4Runner, which came a few years ago. This suggests that 2018 Lexus GX will include brand-new construction, which will utilize some extra-light materials. Also, we must see an entirely brand-new styling, which will completely follow Lexus’s newest style language. Regardless of that there will be many brand-new styling solutions such as brand-new front and rear ends, brand-new model will keep its blocky shape, in order to accentuate its old school, truck-based character. The interior will also come with brand-new style and newest technologies.

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2018 Lexus GX Engine

The majority of us anticipate to see some significant modifications when it concerns powertrain. The present model features proven however a little bit old 4.6-liter V8 engine, which is good for about 300 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. Compared with most of the rivals, it has not so good fuel economy, which walks around 16 mpg in a combined drive. So, we believe that the company will go for some more efficient unit, probably with six cylinders, which will supply not only better fuel economy, but more power and torque too.

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2018 Lexus GX Release Date and Price

The 2018 Lexus GX will probably come early next year. When it comes to rate, base model ought to walk around 50.000 dollars.


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2018 Lexus GX Exterior Pictures For Your Desktop2018 Lexus GX Interior Images For Desktop2018 Lexus GX Side Photos For iPhone

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