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2018 Ford Focus RS500

Posted at September 8, 2017 13:04 by keyoy in Ford

All of us got incredibly thrilled when Ford dropped information on the Focus RS, verifying that it was undoubtedly reviving the rally sport badge and bringing it to the U.S. With 350 horse power and 350 pound-feet of torque on tap, the new Focus RS is a real driver’s car and has actually made a substantial splash in the hot hatch market– far more so than Focus RS models of the past. In early June, rumors began to surface that the Focus RS was about to be tossed out of the top-range spot by an even much better variation called the 2018 Ford Focus RS500. If that name sounds familiar, it should. It was used back in 2010 for a limited-production variant of a beefed-up Focus RS. At the time, the news was all speculation, but we’ve now gotten two sets of spy shots that show Ford remains in fact on a mission to one-up its Focus RS.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Front Photos

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Exterior

While you might anticipate a beefier variation of the RS to sport a lot of extra aggressiveness on the outside, it appears like Ford is only going to make minor modifications. In truth, the front fascia, front grille, and air dam are nearly the same. The uppermost part of the fascia, right between the headlights, looks to be tilted a little farther forward to offer the Ford emblem a more dominant screen. The hood itself retains the very same shape and muscular body lines, but there is now a functioning vent located on each side of the center hump. The other visible distinction in advance are the inserts that surround the air inlet at each corner of the fascia. On the basic RS, these are just inserts, but on the model in the spy shots, the inner hole is actually a working vent, allowing for better airflow to the front brakes.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 HD Photo

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Interior

Obviously, we have yet to obtain a good look at the interior of this test mule. That said, I would not anticipate to see anything awfully different from the existing RS. The front seats may be changed with more high-end sport systems, with holes for a five-point harness, and the car may boast a modified guiding wheel with a flatter bottom and more controls. The instrument cluster will likely rollover, however, it will sport the RS500 logo as opposed to the RS logo design. Furthermore, I would not be amazed to see the instrument cluster go completely digital.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Engine

As the story usually goes, we have yet to get main info regarding just exactly what will power this remarkably hot hatch. As it’s bound to be placed above the standard RS, we can say with near certainty that it will produce more than 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. The concern is, simply how the hell is Ford going to one up the 2.3-liter EcoBoost that creates all that power? There are a number of alternatives to think about here. First, Ford could fine tune the engine and ECU mapping to generate a good bump in power. That could consist of utilizing a larger turbo, or including a set of smaller sized turbos to assist increase low-end power and performance. However, Ford might also surprise us by packing a little V-6 under the hood.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Exterior Photos

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Price

The price of this hotter hatch is another big mystery, and will be identified by how enhanced it is over the basic RS. With the standard RS starting at $35,900, I would not expect to see the 2018 Ford Focus RS500 choose less than $40,000 with just small upgrades, so if Ford goes all out, it might begin someplace closer to $43,000. It actually simply depends upon how much more severe the 2018 Ford Focus RS500 is when it makes its long-awaited launching.

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